Betty_Use (Betty_Uselton is resting), Sun 21 Apr 3:13:20 pm
Amy_Hen (Amy_Henderson is playing with my kids ..), Mon 15 Oct 8:37:02 pm
Connie_Kec (Hot Summer), Mon 30 Jul 1:42:18 pm
Linda_Cob (Linda_Cobb is praising God for a church that cares about people . I was made aware of this once again as I went to church memb), Mon 21 May 8:34:29 pm
Amy_Hen (Amy_Henderson is wondering what time rehearsal for the childrens play is today?), Sat 5 May 7:31:06 am
Karen_Ric (Karen_Rice is ), Wed 18 Apr 10:19:59 am
Amy_Hen (im needing a good washer soon.), Tue 27 Sep 4:19:42 pm
Amy_Hen (Amy_Henderson is in need of a washer), Tue 27 Sep 4:17:57 pm
Amy_Hen (Amy_Henderson is at work and happy for the wonderful rain.), Thu 22 Sep 8:05:36 am
Linda_Cob (Linda Cobb is praising God for answered prayer. While I was on my knees God heard and answered my prayer this morning. "It'), Wed 16 Feb 9:01:29 am
Linda_Cob (Linda_Cobb is looking for ways that I might encourage someone today that might just need their spirits lifted.), Wed 2 Feb 5:21:24 pm
Connie_Kec (Snowfall), Mon 10 Jan 2:47:07 pm
David_Col (David_Collins is wishing everyone at Haven Heights a Happy New Year.), Fri 31 Dec 6:29:33 pm
Linda_Cob (Linda_Cobb is thinking about all the people that have Birthdays this next month.), Tue 28 Dec 9:40:34 pm
David_Col (Tuesday Nov. 30), Tue 30 Nov 6:01:23 pm