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Havn Heights Herald

December 3, 2023


WORKERS         DECEMBER 10, 2023

NURSERY:  BB- Kayla Alspach & Lindsey Alspach; PM: Hillary Evans & Sharon Krause; WEDNESDAY – Hillary Evans & Randi Wells

TELLERS:  Bill Alspach & Josh Henley

BUS DRIVERS:  AM: Josh Henley & Scott Wells; PM: Josh Henley & Scott Wells; WEDNESDAY – Scott Wells & Tony Tidwell

DEACON ON CALL:  Scott Wells – 926-1065


WORKERS:        DECEMBER 17, 2023

NURSERY:  AM: Scott & Randi Wells; PM: Hillary Evans & Becky Richardson; WEDNESDAY- Hillary Evans & Randi Wells

TELLERS:  Gail Hicks & Judy Covington

BBUS DRIVERS:  AM: Josh Henley & Tony Tidwell; PM: Josh Henley & Scott Wells; WEDNESDAY- Scotty Wells & Tony Tidwell

DEACON ON CALL:  David Collins – 650-3649


Our sincere sympathy to Susan Hontz and family in the home-going of her Mom Lenora Scoggins this past week.  Please remember Susan and her family in your prayers.

A Thank You Note….

“Thank you much for the beautiful Peace Lily in remembrance of my sister Jana Andrews.                                                                                                                               With Love,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sally Ridener”



             I attended funeral services for two Christians today. One was best described as “a Christian mother.” The second was remembered as a Pastor and Soldier. I was blessed by the families and the words they shared at both services. Jesus was magnified, lives were honored, impact was proclaimed. All of these are worthy ingredients to service commemorating the life of a believer. What spoke most to my heart was how each of these services illustrated the Scripture truth found in 1 Corinthians 15:57, But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

            You see, though there were tears on display, there was also a strong note of victory. Bro Doug Miller shared about Mel Blanc, voice of many Looney Toon characters who said he wanted his final epithet to be, in the words of one of his famous characters “that’s all folks.” But the services today “are not all folks,” the best is yet to come!

            I am so glad that God “gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” As we go through this Christmas season let’s make sure people around us know about God’s great gift.

I’ll See You Sunday,

Pastor Steve


If you have ever watched the Peanuts Christmas program, you will quickly notice that Charlie Brown surely is depressed - a lot!  Actually, thinking about it, many are depressed during the Christmas season.  Take heart though!  We don’t have to be that way in spite of the busy, hectic schedules leading up to Christmas Day.  Like, during the week of Thanksgiving, I encourage you to find the joy of the season.  The Apostle Paul also encourages us when he writes, “Rejoice in the Lord always; again, I will say, rejoice!  Let your gentle spirit be known to all men. The Lord is near.”  After all, we do sing, “Joy to the world.”  The next phrase is the key to rejoicing and applies what Paul said.  “The Lord is come (near)!”  Much joy is to be found in this fact.  Meditate on this over the next few days.  Ask the Lord to help you find joy.

Bro. Jimmy


The Haven Heights Choir presented the 2023 Christmas Musical Messiah Heaven's Glory. We have had our church-wide Thank Christ Banquet. Thank you so much to everyone who prepared, participated, attended, and promoted these two very important activities in the spiritual life of our church family. We have not, however, completed our worship opportunities for 2023 and the beginning of 2024. If you don't have a Sunday School class that you attend, I would like to invite you to the auditorium Bible Study next Sunday Morning. I will be reading the Christmas story as it is presented in the four Gospels. Sunday School begins at 9:30, but I will start the presentation at approximately 9:40. We will be having a choir each week, but we will not be having any rehearsals, so if you are thinking about joining us, it might be a good time to check us out. I always enjoy the time that I get to spend with the Haven Heights Choir. They (the choir members) are so pleasant and enjoyable to be around. We work hard, but we also enjoy each other and have a good time preparing the music for worship. Sunday morning the 10th Melissa Dorsey is going to sing You Won't Believe What's Happening in the Barn. On the 17th Michael Oldham is going to sing and Jackie Hilliary will be sharing with us his rendition of O Holy Night. On Christmas Eve, Marianne Biggs and Tony Tidwell are both going to sing and Don Schroeder is going to play the offertory. On January 7th Kirsten Binns is going to sing. In addition to that, Barbara Hamm is going to play the organ and Kirsten is going to play the piano for the congregational singing. From now until the first week in January, we will be singing the familiar carols of Christmas, but we will also learn a few new ones so that they will be familiar by next Christmas. On January 7th, we will be singing about our resolve to continue doing our Lord's business and drawing ever nearer to Him. I hope that you will attend as many of the services as possible so that we can worship our worthy Lord together. 

David Furlow


First, a HUGE thank you to all the ladies that were involved in preparing our Thank Christ feast. As usual, you are all amazing and deserve a standing ovation.  I don't know how many people you fed, but it was a bunch. There is no question that you all have a servant's heart.

Thank you to those that served. You made quick work of a big task. I want to thank those that cleaned up. That is most likely the grunge work, but it is a ministry just as much as anything. Finally, thank you church for giving the means that we can do these things and fellowship together. If I missed anyone in these thanks, here is a blanket THANK YOU for everyone who helped out Sunday.

Next, a thank you to Brother David Furlow and the amazing Choir Sunday morning. That was a thrilling presentation. I was touched to hear Brother Jimmy Binns and his daughter Keirsten singing a duet. That truly was family ministering to family. I appreciate the time and effort everyone, including Mrs. Marla in the sound booth, made to make that so special.

As you can tell, there is a theme to this article. THANKS. 

God has been SO good to me, in ways that sometimes boggle the mind. He has given me a wife and son that have been an earthly rocks for my life and I am pleased to announce that my family will grow. On Friday, December 1, Randy Ray asked Meagan Wilburn to be his wife. Haven Heights and MANY Christian men and women have invested a lot in my son. There are no words that I can say to thank this church for all you have meant to my family.

Now we move into the greatest thanks one can have. The salvation given by Jesus' birth, death, and resurrection. In just a few days we will celebrate that birth. What a sacrifice He made for our sins. I do hope that in this season we truly do give thanks for God's unending love, mercy, and grace. We celebrate the birth of His Son and what it means to our eternity. So many have tried to take Christ out of Christmas, but it just doesn't seem to work. 

God Bless You All,

Brother Randy


-The Clothes Closet will be opened again on Thursday, December 7th, from 9 to noon.

-There will not be a Senior Adult Luncheon in December.  Our next luncheon will be Tuesday, January 2nd at 12:00 in the Family Life Center.  This is a pot-luck luncheon.

-The Lottie Moon Post Office is open for business!  You can send cards to your church friends and donate the postage to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.  The Post Office is in alphabetical order and is located in the office hallway. 

-The Sunday School Leaders Training for December 10th has been rescheduled.  The new date is January 7, 2024.

-The Church office will be closed December 25th through December 29th for the Christmas and New Year Holiday.